Does your child have a passion for performing?

Centre Stage is a great place for Creative Kids and Teens who love to use the Dramatic Arts.

We use various modalities such as singing, acting , dancing and games to gain a wealth of experience, grow in confidence and have a lot of FUN along the way.

Centre Stage creates a safe, non judgemental and fun environment that ensures all students feel part of the CS Crew.

Our Classes

Twinkle Stars

Twinkle Stars

Preschool (3 – 5 yrs)

Our “Twinkle Stars” are encouraged to use their wonderful imagination to explore the Magical world of Musical Theatre.



Prep & Grade 1

Our “Starlets” students enjoy becoming animated and excited through our progressive story telling.

Budding Stars

Budding Stars

Grades 2 – 4

Delighting in the more familiar scenes from Musicals our “Budding Stars” are encouraged to perform to their fullest potential.

Star Bursts


Grades 5 – 10

Our “Starburst” students are guided through more advanced choreography and drama. Each child is involved in the creative process of staging a performance.

About Us

At Centre Stage we are passionate about the performing arts and its positive impact on children.

We love to see our students come together forming new lasting friendships, have a real sense of belonging and feel very proud to be part of the Centre Stage family.

 As children blossom & grow their positive energy and confidence will flow out into the wider community.

 For us as teachers it is truly magical to watch their faces light up as they hear a new song to learn, when the accomplish the new steps of a dance or bring together all the elements of a play they have just created.

 We encourage our students to use their imagination & creativity in our ‘free style acting’ section during each class.  It is amazing to watch their young minds at work as they put together a short piece by delving into their imagination and having fun.  This section of the class always blows us away.


What Our Families are Saying

The team at Centre Stage are very professional and nurturing, Kirstie is fantastic at giving each child confidence to be who they want to be and help guide them in the individual direction that they are happy and confident with.

The best part of Centre Stage is seeing the end of year performances that really showcase the commitment and passion the team at Centre Stage have for the this aspiring, group of talented kids.


“My daughter went from Shy to Tin man in 2 short years.  She loves Centre Stage because it makes learning so much fun.”

Michelle Housley

“Tom really enjoyed it and got into character. He said tonight that he’d like to be in a movie someday!! He loves coming to Centre Stage!! He can really be himself!! So proud of him!!!”

Katie Parkes


“The Teachers are professional whilst being warm and genuine. They show great enthusiasm with all the students, and have an amazing talent to bring out the best in them. ”

Anoushka Fish

“Turned my shy little girl into Dorothy! My girls absolutely love Centre Stage and the fun and opportunity it gives them to express themselves.”

Di Tompkin

“Thanks again Kirstie and Linda. Sydnee was exhausted after doing her show, but said she had an “awesome” time”

Tracy Galaud

“It’s just so rewarding to be able watch our children learn new and interactive activities like these. Where it doesn’t have to be so serious when it’s okay to be silly while having fun. Every year I ask my child whether she wants to do centre stage or a different activity…she picks centre stage every time.”

“I like everything about centre stage”. – Rose (Student in Budding Stars class)

Thank you, Centre Stage  -Chloe

We love Centre Stage !!!  What a great platform for all the young aspiring performers to gain confidence and skills both on and off the stage. We love seeing the smiles on all the kids faces at the end of each class, they all have so much fun and you can see some great talent coming through !


Centre Stage has been instrumental in my daughter’s growth. I am so glad I found your classes. Your awesome classes have given her the confidence through the crazy transition from girl to woman. We think you are amazing. Thank you


My Daughter has been coming to Centre Stage since Prep (5 years old) she continues with Centre Stage as she Loves to Sing, Dance and have Fun. My Daughter has continued Centre Stage for the last 5 years and this is her passion. She loves to help any way she can. The Staff/kids are just amazing, and they work so hard each year to produce a show at the end of the year.

Thanks, Nikki

Our son has thrived in his love of acting and performance arts over the past 4 years, it is his happy place and we are grateful that Centre Stage has helped him gain some life great life skills as well as being taught the finer art of stage presence and group performance.